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14 CSS Topics You Must Know

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It has been more than 2 decades and we’re still using CSS for styling. It is simple to learn and here to stay for many years to come. As frontend developer, you are expected to be solid at CSS styling no matter what technologies you’re using.

The way we write CSS has changed a little bit in recent years following the rise of JavaScript frameworks. CSS architecture has been moving to direction of local separate styled components than global shared style sheet.

This post covers 14 essential CSS topics, originally published at, which you think you already know but might not be deep enough to be extremely productive on modern web development.

  1. A bit about CSS history
  2. On problems of CSS
  3. Current state of CSS
  4. How CSS works under the hood
  5. How to calculate CSS specificity
  6. A closer look at CSS cascading
  7. Writing less CSS code with inheritance
  8. Different CSS layouts
  9. Beloved CSS frameworks
  10. CSS-in-JS styling technique
  11. Long-standing CSS methodologies
  12. Extending standard CSS by preprocessors
  13. The opinionated decision on CSS resets
  14. The need of CSS style guides

Thanks for reading!

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