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You Think You Know CSS

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CSS codes are extremely opinionated across teams and individuals. There isn’t much we can do to change how CSS works, but we can make changes to the way we author and structure it. The problem with CSS conventions is that they rely on developers to manually maintain them with a high degree of accuracy to be effective.

Even developers who write great CSS are challenged with an ever-growing problem; the problem with CSS isn’t CSS, it’s humans.

This is an original series on about some core CSS topics which you think you know but not deep enough to talk about them comfortably.

and then reposted on over several months.

Enjoy reading!

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Kyle Griffin

I can't give you a coded solution, but it seems like your current configuration in either jQuery or GreenSock is having it fixed with the scroll until the background-position gets to 100%. You will most likely need to remove background-repeat:no-repeat as well as tweak the settings to let it keep spinning even when it's not fixed. Site looks good though!