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Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer

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Fullstack (FullStack/Full stack/fullstack) is not a myth! Fullstack developers do exist πŸ‘½. I'm writing the motivation behind my decision to become a fullstack one and whether should you.

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer is an original series where I explain my process and what I've learnt to become a full stack Javascript developer - from motivation to actual building my own product single-handedly.

This series was originally published at and then reposted on over several months.

Don’t let yourself locked with the title: What I mean is most of us developers sooner or later are naturally becoming fullstack developers. Fullstack Developer term is being overused by companies, it creates dangerous illusion in our mind to categorize ourself as Fullstack generalist but forget to master something as specialist.

Happy reading!

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Ganesh Prasad

I have been a full stack developer for 5 years now. The best thing about it is that, I no longer need to assemble a team whenever I get an idea, because I am the team.

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πŸ…°οΈ GEEK Author

Yes that's a strong point of becoming a fullstack dev! you're putting yourself in a good position to build ur own products.

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Nhan Nguyen

Thank @hoangbkit , its helpful and well-explaining.

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πŸ…°οΈ GEEK Author

glad it helped! enjoy reading.

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