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JavaScript Tooling (Online Book)

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This is an online book made of articles about popular tools being used heavily in modern web applications, constantly updated to reflect rapid development of JavaScript, and has ambition to cover every corners from frontend to backend toolchain.

There is no right or wrong silver bullet solution. The combination of tools you use can be completely up to you depending on how much effort you can put into configuring and setting up. You can achieve the same results with different tools and settings.

Getting Started

Let’s dive into the pool of tools built around JavaScript over the years, glimpse at the concepts behind these tools, and review some popular options in each category.

Related Concepts

Following concepts play important roles in shaping the whole tooling system, what a tool wants to achieve, what JavaScript features a tool relies on, and in what environments a tool operates.

Tool categories

These tools could have started in one category and then expanding into multiple categories, the boundary is sometimes very blurred. Emerging technologies approach the problem from different angles, sometimes they build on top of other tools, and at times they can be used together.

Best practices

It’s best for beginners to use starter projects with recommended configurations especially in production builds. Configuring a production ready build system requires a steep learning curve, very time consuming, and best suited for experienced developers.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Is there a good dynamic type checker for JavaScript, that perhaps like JSDoc compiled with Babel? (i.e. do what Microsoft refuses to do.) Still, there is a big problem with JSDoc to *.d.ts inter-compatibility.

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πŸ…°οΈ GEEK Author

No way until a type system like this proposal added to JavaScript itself, validators are probably the closet things. All kinds of non-javascript features will never go through to runtime.

hayrettinsalgin profile image

Thank you for shared