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The life of an indie web developer

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I started my career as an iOS engineer back in 2008, then I’ve transformed into a fullstack engineer to build more things individually since 2016 and never look back. The open web seems more exciting to me than closed ecosystem of Apple iOS.

I’m a serious indie maker building many mobile apps and websites. The bar has never been lower to make a difference. As an indie maker, whenever I experience an issue or notice a problem I am interested in solving, I can get to work and develop a solution the next day.

This is an original series on about some random tech thoughts I have over the years as indie web developer.

Being a maker is all about building something that solves a problem, or brings happiness to other people. Inclusively is at the heart of everything I do. Being an indie maker is really simple, all I need is a laptop, and some free time and I can make something groundbreaking.

I want to be happy. I search for happiness not through things, but through life itself. By incorporating minimalism into my life, I’ve finally been able to find lasting happiness.

Enjoy reading!

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Daniel Inoa

Do you see yourself going back to iOS?

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🅰️ GEEK Author

Not a chance, I've gone too far with web development. More things to learn keep me motivated.

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Daniel Inoa

Much success!