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re: Eagerly awaiting your IPFS/Gatsby tutorial. Your quality of writing is terrific. How do you feel about basing webpages on javascript? Most is non-...

Wow, that's great to hear :) Glad you liked it!

Yeah I actually asked Gatsby devs early on if they'd have a nojs output option but they said it wasn't in their plans.

The good thing is that Gatsby compiles your website into static html though, so the website is perfectly usable with javascript turned off.

When it's on, it allows faster navigation as the screen changes are done client-side, and it also enables offline access via service workers, which I think is a great thing.

I'm not aware of non-free javascript shipped with Gatsby sites, is that something you've observed?

When you absolutely don't want to have javascript, the static site generator Eleventy ( seems to be popular.

Thank you for the pointers to replicant and minifree. Is there a comparison to Purism I can read? Do you have reservations with their products? I'd like to learn more.

Oh, as for the next tutorial, I've been a bit busy with client work lately, but I've put together a hacky Gatsby starter based on Interplanetary Gatsby, along with instructions on how to run it on CodeSandbox and deploy to Pinata. No need to install anything! It's here:

Again, thank you for the kind feedback, it is very motivating :)

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