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Honestly, the single biggest thing for me has been Powerline on top of ZSH. It's wonderful being able to tell at a glance without reading anything whether it's a local or remote shell, root or not, what editing mode the prompt is in (I use vi-style line editing), and if in a git repo whether the working directory is clean or not.

Others for me include:

  • Htop: I hated normal top even before finding htop. I now use htop in deference to almost anything else unless I need very specific info that could be found faster by querying /proc.
  • GNU screen: Most people who know me know I mostly just use a desktop evnironment on Linux as a really fancy terminal multiplexor. This, obviously, doesn't work for remote connections, so I use screen for that instead.
  • The Unarchiver: Technically macOS software, but there's a Linux CLI version too. This thing can extract almost anything without needing to be passed any switches or worry about differing syntax from different archiving tools. It's essentially BSD's tar command on steroids.
  • renameutils: In short, these provide an easy way to do complex batch renames from the command line. It provides commands that open the list of files to operate on in your text editor as two columns separated by tabs, you update the names on the right, save the file, quit the editor, and boom, the files get moved or copied.
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