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Creative design, engaging, and doesn't hijack inputs, all good things.


  • The 'Menu' header doesn't scroll with the page. This is bad on many levels.
  • It's questionable on mobile (no zoom functionality (this is a chronic problem for mobile sites), lots of stuff is rather small, some of the gimmicks don't work sanely with a touch-only interface).
  • Keyboard usage is somewhat user hostile (things that shouldn't be high in the tab index are).
  • Some of the animations are choppy even on a good system (Core i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 with near zero other usage).
  • The animations that aren't are largely distracting, or in some cases obviously hastily done.
  • Doesn't appear to honor the prefers-reduced-motion media query.
  • Lots of mouse-over interactions that are, honestly, annoying and a bit user hostile (mostly on the shop page itself, not the link above).
  • Contrast is not great in a number of places, but this is hidden from tools like Lighthouse because it's text inside images and not actual text in the page.
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