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re: HTML. It's also going to be faster because the client already has the content in the page, you just need to flip the visibility with JS. You can a...

Yeah this is what i thought about HTML it would be faster, but what make me ask this question is maybe in the future when the website start to be wide, it will be more easy to change the element by the unauthorized developer, which it's something I don't know if it good or not. Sometimes you don't want the element render only if he do what you want do, not after, not before, in that case you're forced to use the DOM
Hope I explain my point !


Sorry, I'm not sure I understood. Are you worried about security? The website runs on the user's computer and as long as you do the usual things server side to mitigate possible security flaws and don't store any sensible information on the local storage you shouldn't have any problems.

What sort of website will you build?

Yeah,I'm worried about the security, but yeah I know everything is done locally, so that mean I'm not worried about the data and these thing, what I'm worried about exactly is the people whom always trying to find a bug in your website, and sometimes there is a way of taken benefits of the Markup, if you didn't manage it well!

Social media website, what I'm talking about

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