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Ahmad Sleiman Romero
Ahmad Sleiman Romero

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I'm lost.

So this week I started working at a startup Fintech, it's my first programming job, and I must admit, I'm lost.

I know Java as an OOP language, I know TSQL at least a moderate level, I know Spring Boot as at a junior level, and yet I'm lost.

The number 1 issue here are frameworks, their website(s) and backend is built over different systems, they also use a software called Pentaho for analysis.

Their oldest backend is built with JHipster, a framework that as you can expect, outdated now, at least that specific version, which used Spring Boot 1 and AngularJS.

I've tried to rush learn AngularJS and well to no avail, the structure that they use is much more complex than whatever you learn online, I can barely tell it's AngularJS.

Pentaho is to my understanding similar to Analysis/Reporting Services, still this is another thing that I got no experience with.

Their newer systems are built with Angular(2+), Gulp/Yarn or Bower.

I don't know what Gulp even is, how it works or anything similar, I only understand that Yarn and the now obsolete Bower, are meant to be some kind of Maven/Gradle Alternative.

Yesterday after 3 days I was finally given access to the repository of the JHipster app, and I really, really don't understand 70% of it.

I hope that I eventually get the hang of this, because I'm seriously lost.

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Take a deep breath, make a list of priorities and start from there. I'm sure they don't expect you to know everything otherwise they wouldn't have hired you.

Do you really need to learn all of them before being able to contribute?

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Ahmad Sleiman Romero Author

I'm not sure, they all seem so busy I haven't actually had the time to do anything yet, been 5 days haven't gotten anything to do other than install a linux distro with the necessary stuff on the laptop they gave me.

I'm trying to start with the basics on my own though

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Mmm onboarding of a new employee shouldn't be "forget about them" eheh. Can you talk to your manager or team lead? I'm sure they can help figure out where to start.