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React rendering problem

Hello guys, I have a problem rendering a component in react
{ url && <Youtube url={url} }
the component displays fine when I have an URL prop, but when I don't have a URL, it renders a blank screen and I can't see any information in the console or "react developer tool"
anybody know the reason !?

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Adrian Foong

Do you have an actual code snippet you can post? You seem to be missing the closing bracket for your Youtube component, but that might just be a typo.

The blank screen is probably correct since your code is essentially saying that if url exists, keep going and render <Youtube url={url} />. If url doesn't exist, it stops evaluating that expression.

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tulusda • Edited

Add logic inside Youtube component. If props is null or not an url return error or else

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Instead of && try use ternary operator. Url? :

no url


Check if your URL is string or not. I mean try logging in Or something