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Tagging with Terraform

Its giving the error Variables not defined here. variable "de...

Is using Linux really productive?

I recently switched from Mac to Windows 10. WSL 2 is slow at ...

Top 10 React Component Libraries for 2020

Another good one is IBM carbon components for React

Building a galery with Gatsby, Google Sheets and Netlify

Great article. I have two questions. Can we update Google...

Progress Indicator With Fetch

Doesnt seem to be working with node-fetch let respo...

Can you become a Web Developer in your 40s and 50s?

I changed my career from Telecom to programming and I love ev...

Coronavirus tracking website made with Vue and Node

Beautiful. Which maps are you using

The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

An eye-opener

Which is the best IDE for a smartphone.

Do you know any tutorial for setting up vs-code on a server

⚙️ IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse IDE & NetBeans IDE: Which is the most intelligent editor for coding in Java?

Why not vs code too?

Java Microservices: A Practical Guide

Great article

Pitfalls of My First Production App

Yes reading and understanding the requirements is must. I w...

Design Systems (Part I: Foundations)

I like the Microsoft office fabric ui. It's lovely

Learning TypeScript with React - Part 2 (The what, why and how of interfaces)

Very good article. Waiting for the next article

What do you think of VS Code's new remote extensions?

Used it. I wish they could deliver a way to keep your code...