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A Year of Code from a High School Student

aidenybai profile image Aiden Bai ・1 min read

Hey there! I'm a @aidenybai , high school student and this article will detail some of the things I've learned in retrospect of this year, as well as some of the goals I have for the next.

Things I Created ↩️

  • Lucia: Launched a tiny 3kb JavaScript library for prototyping web applications (400⭐ on Github)
  • COVID Heroes: Launched a platform that connected people in need with organizations (100 users, 10k unique views at peak)
  • Shu: Launched discord bot (400 discord servers, 3 million+ counts)
  • Boo: Launched a product that aimed to be the "netcut for gaming" ($120 MRR peak)

Things I Had Fun Doing ↩️

  • Volunteered to local businesses
  • Attended several hackathons
  • Expanded my friend circle
  • Went climbing for the first time
  • Confessed to my S.O. 🤗

Things I Failed at ↩️

  • Applied (and rejected) from Project Management program
  • Applied (and rejected) from Disney freelance position
  • Subject SAT test cancelled
  • And many, many more...

Goals for 2021 ↩️

  • Attend more hackathons thru hack club
  • Secure tech internship
  • Learn more about React stack with Vercel
  • Medal at Science Olympiad competitions

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great 2021!

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Wishing you all the best for 2021! That seems like quite the list for 2020, so I hope that you'll achieve your goals for this year and more. 👏

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Aiden Bai Author

You as well!