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Book Report: Navigating the Labyrinth Ch. 1

Navigating the Labyrinth: An Executive Guide to Data Management by Laura Sebastian-Coleman

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Managing Data

Chapter Summary

This relatively short chapter covers why data management matters, noting that basically every organization produces and consumes data. It provides a high-level explanation of data management and how it compares and contrasts to other forms of management.

Points of Interest

  • Getting value out of data requires purposeful and deliberate action

  • Proper data management requires technical and strategic skills

  • The needs of data management change over time as technology changes


It is clear from the language that this book is directed at executives, It has a strong business dialect which makes it clear and concise. I imagine it would also help data professionals with making pitches to get stakeholder buy-in for establishing data management practices if they haven't already. Really, the book itself is meant to be read by and appeal to executives, so that would stand to reason.

Much of the text is formatted in bulleted lists with bold and italics, much like this post. This makes it a very quick read and very easy to find specific terms or concepts on the page for future reference.

This chapter serves as a good foundation for contextualizing the rest of the book. It lays the groundwork in a way that is thorough without being exhaustive and informative without being dense.

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