React Native: Developing on Windows with Android Studios

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Yes, I don’t have Xcode or a Mac to do my code work for developing applications. I have a PC.
I do most of my code work on Android Studios and my backend with Visual Studios.
I do even run my devices in Android Studios.

Most of the code I’ve forked or cloned to see if they were responsive to a PC ran environment. Most I've seen was the Github was the first commit history of the Android folder in their React Native Project. Truly running them caused errors. I had not seen any apps with (other than Google) with an APK for that to be released as a proof of concept.
This made it not too easy to find an Android template, tested example, or previously built in Android device.

This is what I do.
I'm a woman in tech that works with what I got. If I have a broken lightbulb, I fix it. I don't replace the whole house.

lettherebelight #hireme

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