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Hey Mike,

Brown Indian minority person dude whatever here. But just because you can't cut the interviews doesn't make them automatically "racist" for the interviewers to ask for proof of your work.

I can also go around saying that I am a wizard but sooner or later someone will ask for proof. If you can write code, prove it. Don't hide behind false "omg asking for code is racism." That undermines real racism and HURTS people like me.


I'm not concerned with your race. I also did not say people were being racist. I said that a system that uses open source contributions as a filter for employment biases the hiring process in favor of hiring open source developers, the vast majority of whom are white and male. Any data scientist--or, hell, just an opinion pollster--would challenge the implicit bias of any similar filter in any other context. Unfortunately, reactionary defenses against imagined charges of racism like your comment throw out these considerations because "it's fine for me." What if it's not fine for someone else?

Also, ask your manager how important it is for them to prove that they can manage in an interview. Ask a mechanical engineer how important it is that they prove their engineering capabilities when they're not getting paid for it. Most other fields have much more generous assumptions of competence in recruiting than software development does. They do just fine without locking people out over this.

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