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Get Indian Virtual Mobile Number and Enjoy Its Opportunities

Virtual phone numbers are not connected to a physical landline. They are priceless for business because they make it easy to forward customer calls to the free employees. Moreover, they can be comprehensively monitored for performance and other critical aspects. Modern companies offer various solutions but the Indian virtual mobile number from the Freezvon IP-telephony provider is regarded as one of the most requested ones. This is required, for example, when conducting your business in India from the UK and operating there as a local company.

You can select the area code you want and people calling from that specific area will not be charged for international calls. You just need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the service, which is much cheaper than international communication and roaming services. If you want to make the right decision, check out the data about city name, code, setup fee, monthly fee, SIP forwarding, and other options for India on a provider’s website. All the information is detailed and you can get a consultation in case of some questions occurring.


Reasons to Opt for

  • High communication quality.
  • Simplicity, speed, and low cost of connection.
  • A large selection of numbers in different formats.
  • Lack of geographical reference.
  • The ability to integrate with CRM.
  • Flexible call forwarding to mobile or landline phones.
  • Long-distance international calls at minimal rates.

There’s a possibility of the recorded greeting and helpful information playback. Virtual phone numbers remove time zone barriers, providing an efficient mechanism for making and receiving calls. The company owner has the possibility to choose a nice number, as well as a toll-free line with the 8 800 code. This service connection is important for businesses, which work is associated with the intensive use of telephone traffic. It can replace the mini-PBX, having proposed a full range of services at the lowest price and with minimal investment. 

The voice menu makes it easy to process incoming calls between available lines. When one of the addressees is busy, the call will be directed to another phone. The virtual number allows you to work with an unlimited number of lines. It is possible to listen to calls, as well as use the answering machine service. The SMS and fax sending\receiving options are also available to users. 

What to Do?
First of all, you have to register (or log in) on a website. Then it’s important to get acquainted with all the available codes and costs in India. Pay attention that the connection isn’t immediate and can take from 5 up to 30 days. The next step is to top up your balance, specify a country, type of number, and city. Set up forwarding is a subsequent step. Then it’s important to make up your mind about the subscription period. You have to wait for a connection after completing the order. Make sure that the provider’s staff members do their best to set up progress and finish the connecting up. 

Available Additional Services
You can get not only a virtual number but also a set of useful extras

  • Background music makes customers feel more comfortable while waiting in line.
  • Recording of conversations makes it easy to control a work process. It also improves the quality of communication with clients.
  • Blacklist. You can record the undesired incoming calls in it, so they won’t be time-consuming.
  • Distribution of calls. The service can distribute calls in such a way that operators will receive them in turn or according to the number of calls received within a certain period.
  • Voice mail. Those who could not get through can leave voice messages.
  • Call forwarding. If you don’t have an opportunity to answer from your office phone, for example, in the evening, calls can be forwarded directly to your mobile.

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