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Discussion on: About Windows for devs

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John Welty

I would agree that hardware manufacturers hurt Windows. Hoping the Surface line will give them reason to up their games. Lenovo was the last one that wasn't dead to me before the Surface Book was first announced. I pounced.

My wife liked the build quality of that and wanted one but it had some quirks that only an early adopter would put up with so I encouraged her to shop around. She chose the MacBook Pro instead (she's not a developer). She got one right before the touch bar rolled out.

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Arden de Raaij

Ah that's a thing though! I've got a late 2013 MacBook Pro and it's a great machine. If it would die tomorrow, I'd probably try and get a 2015 MacBook without that useless touch bar. I'm not a big fan of Apples latest machines either 😭