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Discussion on: What do you do to practice new programming languages and/or frameworks?

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Ahmed Kamal

I was thinking about the same thing a while ago and I ended up with that, for me there's nothing better than building projects, and I also have the same problem I can't think about new ideas to these projects, to be honest, we have to spend some time working on our creativity this skill is very important, anyway there's a list of the practical projects that you can build using any language of your choice, check it here, while you're working on practical projects or any project in general keep in mind to stay up to date with the best practices of the language or the framework you working with, most of the time you'll find these best practices listed somewhere for the specific language or framework by 10 minutes of Googling, here's an example of Node.js best practices, I also built some practical projects like Desktop app using Angular, Text editor using C++ and Binary Decimal converter using C++ actually I'm a big fan of JavaScript as well as C++ and, I wish I can use both of them in some projects togither, hope this's helpfull and hope also we can find new and more effective ways to practice on new languages and frameworks.

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Leonardo Teteo Author

The list of projects and your advices will be very helpful. Thanks! :D