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Discussion on: How I Started Existing on the Internet

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akashic seer

Excellent article. This follows basically the same path I am following. My last app failed because I am an extreme introvert and had no one to tell about it. I had only family and a few friends I grew up with and connected on facebook with. This time around I am working harder on making the internet presence. I am determined to work as hard to make a presence as I am to code the actual app.

I started a blog where I have been writing articles for several months instead of using a platform. I use the blog as a personal place to keep resources about subjects I am interested in. One part of the plan is to use the resource links in articles within my blog because it raises your SEO apparently.

Another reason I create lists of resources is because the internet is full of bad information. I screen the resources. You will see lists of videos that I have watched and documented what is in them and at what point.

On twitter I started to follow and promote tweets of people in the Developer community, mostly indie game developers. The social platform I am building is meant to help people get found in a social way. But it also includes some seriously unique features. For one much of the admin work will be done by AI assisted by humans.

But I don't want to build something no one knows about again. This article has convinced me that writing articles on will probably be a rewarding event so I will probably try to write one soon. I can still link to my blog in the articles here. So maybe I write a long article on my blog and write a smaller one or related one here and link to it.

I am going to try this to see how well it works. Thanks for the article.