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Discussion on: Show an A/B test checker

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akashic seer

Good article. My experience with facebook advertising was it was a 100% waste. I created a Facebook page for my last app and advertised it. I had over 5000 followers on the page. I would post something and get a WHOPPING 1 or 2 likes out of 5000+ people?

Long story short. After spending money on facebook to gain 5000 plus followers for my new app and working hard posting and posting and creating content. I found out that facebook is useless unless you also pay to boost your posts. On facebook your posts only get seen by your followers if you pay. It is a full on waste of money.

Out of 5000 people on my page, 20 something friends joined and 1 single follower of the page. So the money and time on Facebook for me was an epic fail. The app failed and I moved on and designed a new one.

I seriously doubt any of the people on the page that were following were actually real people. I think I paid for mostly bots. Facebook is a Scam. I wasn't even getting traffic to my app, I checked the google analytics.

This time I am trying other routes such as Twitter and So far in less than 1 month I have FAR gotten more interaction on Twitter than I did in years of using Facebook and for FREE. I haven't even done anything productive on and I have followers so I need to start writing here soon. send more traffic to my website than Google. I plan to write about this soon.

Good luck and I suggest something other than facebook to gain an audience.

Facebook is like farting in the wind on an empty beach, there is no one to smell it and share glory of your fine creation... but if you just pay $$$ facebook will jar your farts and deliver them for you.

I won't use this as a chance to push my app. I'll wait until I have something soon.