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Discussion on: Create Your Own Blog for 5 Dollars a Month

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akashic seer

Great article I just did the same on vultr hosting. I like them because they let me open an account without first having to have a credit card unlike Digital Ocean who demanded my credit card number upfront and since I errored in some small way it then demanded I take pictures of my ID and yada yada yada before I could even see an interface to understand WTF they offered.

I simply searched for alternatives on Google and found Right now new users get a $100 credit for signing up when they click that link. I loved their interface. You simply verify your email and BAM you are in. You purchase hosting credits with either your credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and a few other ways. You can then quickly spin up cloud instances for as little as $2.50. I am running my blog a wordpress site on a $5 a month instance. The setup was easy because they have an interface to pick your OS then you pick Wordpress and it installs it with questions then I just used the same letsencrypt method you used here. I am glad I found it because setting up wordpress was the easiest ever.