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  1. Lots of funny videos and songs on YouTube to stay away from depression (Employers must not block YouTube)
  2. Learn to say no, Learn to say it is not possible in given deadline, and have a solid reasoning behind it. Example, untested solution in short time may lead to bigger loss for company as new bugs might completely stop current revenue. And no CXO will ever disagree.
  3. Don't be afraid to loose job, this is the biggest reason of burnout
  4. To pay bills, plan and take some credit, that's what line of credit is there for, line of credit should be used to avoid burnout but not for fun
  5. 80% learning and 20% coding is the formula I use to keep learning everyday, it turns out that in 20% of time I can code far better when I know more. When deadline is approaching, we force ourselves to stop learning and start working. Before firing an editor, I would still search better way to write exact same thing I have been writing for decade.
  6. I never had burnout, but yes I had a big loss when I was robbed in foreign country and it took 5 years to come out, I took credits from bank and paid back in time.

Lots of funny videos and songs on YouTube to stay away from depression

Reminds me of our comic relief Slack channel at work started by a guy looking to raise the spirits of those around him. I contributed Eddie Izzard stand-up skits :)


Hmm.. employers must not block YouTube, in medicine studies, laughing does contribute to better health !!

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