Do you hide dev signatures in your code?

I was wondering, do you hide some dev signatures in your code, and if you do, what it is and where do you hide it ?

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Not really, what do you mean by "hiding" ?

Like an easter egg, something invisible to the user but here to say it is you who developped this app you know ?

Ah ok.

Well, I wouldn't do it if it's code you get paid for (unless who pays you agree).

If it's an app you made yourself maybe you can fit a funny easter egg somewhere... or just in an "about this app" section :D

I work in a company where I can afford to sign my achievements so in my case, I put in comment a small code in one of the pages this:

                         ,:o:o:oooo.        ,8O88Pd8888"
                     ,.::.::o:ooooOoOoO. ,oO8O8Pd888'"
                  , ..:.::o:ooOoOOOO8OOOOo.FdO8O8"
                 , ..:.::o:ooOoOO8O888O8O,COCOO"
                , . ..:.::o:ooOoOOOO8OOOOCOCO"
                 . ..:.::o:ooOoOoOO8O8OCCCC"o
                    . ..:.::o:ooooOoCoCCC"o:o
                    . ..:.::o:o:,cooooCo"oo:o:
                 `   . . ..:.:cocoooo"'o:o:::'
                 .`   . ..::ccccoc"'o:o:o:::'
                :.:.    ,c:cccc"':.:.:.:.:.'
            ...:.'.:.::::"'    . . . . .'
           .. . ....:."' `   .  . . ''
         . . . ...."'
         .. . ."'     < > with love by Axel Rayer

Or sometimes in a "readme" or something like that ^

I do. Usually in the header comment.

(Honestly though, my actual name only appears in very old projects.)

Maybe you could find your first web application thanks to this xD ?

Haha, unlikely: they predate my PHP experiences. :-)

Yes. I do. Especially when building APIs. I write personalized error messages which get logged only to the console. This way only a fellow developer debugging their app will be able to find it. I find that it embodies a special kind of bond and respect that can only be shared between a creator and a consumer.

This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see when creating this post! I already did something like that, when developing an application, I customized an error message that could not appear only in case of modification of the ulr manually, I put something of the kind :
"It is not because you do the same job as me that you can afford to tamper with my url <3"

:D That is a very hilarious error message!

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