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Hi all! I'm a student at the Turing School in Denver. I stumbled across this community by happenstance and am excited to become involved. I'm very new to programming..and I'm not sure if I prefer remote or in office, as I've never worked remote before.


How are you liking the Turing school?


Such a great question. Its certainly the most challenging thing I have ever done, technically and personally. The biggest point of growth, I believe, is in how I'm learning to dissect huge problems into tiny bits, and also in how my viewpoint is changing on how to address social issues as well. Its a great school that does an excellent job on teaching technical skill and is very committed to evolving education such that ethics are addressed so that those technical skills can be used by their students to better the human condition. It is certainly not perfect and there are some faults that come with any kind of human organization, but whats most important to me that I resonate with there is that Turing is 100% committed to constantly growing, and they practice what they preach in that area. Its very refreshing.

So in summary, its hard and the academic demands and workload can be brutally tough (and who likes that, really, unless you're a masochist....) but I am glad to be there. I'm confident I will come out prepared to enter the job market AND have real tools to make a difference in the areas I care about.

I'd love to hear any other Turing students or alums chime in and give your thoughts on what you experienced.


Hi, and welcome, to both DEV and programming! I'm sure you'll love it.


Why thank you! Programming is great-as someone coming from an entirely different background its a consistent exercise in being completely literal at all times-which I find hilarious and amazingly frustrating all at once :D Rails has been making things so much easier, though!!!

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