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re: Of course it is. The question is really: do we value the computational resources of the many, or the time resources of the few? This is why I alwa...

Engineers also always deal with trade-offs in effort vs ROI: material A is 10x as strong and/O durable as material B, but for this use-case the durability of material B already covers the buffer factor, so there is no point in using material A.

Cars get progressively reduce resource usage because

  • The resource is scarce enough for its cost to factor into the equation
  • Using the resource itself has a(n ecologica) cost, so legislation requires optimizations

Fair point, though it seems that for most software performance is not taken into account at all anymore, which is not a trade-off.

And I hope you're not trying to imply that wasted computational resources have no ecological costs?

Yeah, I do agree on the general point, that we should also focus on performance, and not do pointless/suboptimal things when it takes little or no extra effort to do things better.

And indeed, wasted computational resources have an ecological cost, particularly when we're dealing with calculation-intensive tasks like simulations on supercomputers and stuff like bitcoin (though there, the inefficiency is supposedly a feature). For the most part though, this kind of discussion tends to resolve around (clever) low-level micro-optimizations, while the need for (more transparent) architectural optimizations are left out of the discussion.

Believe me, I'm the last person to promote useless micro-optimizations. A while ago I posted an example of a disassembly in a comment here, illustrating that any reasonable C compiler will perform them (and many others that are much harder to do by hand) anyway, so one should always strife for clarity in the code first.

I do however take objection to some recent trends in the industry, especially in regard to technology and framework choices, since I believe that many of them are not at all motivated by needs, but by the availability of cheap and easily replaceable labor.

Overall I think we're on the same page, thanks for a productive discussion and have a nice day. :-)

Yes, I think we're in agreement here, on both the topic and the productive discussion, so a nice day to you as well :-).

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