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Discussion on: Don’t pay the for-loop tax

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Alan Languirand

I 100% agree with mantra here, but I'd like to add to the examples. For me, the functional style/indirection in these examples IS the value, and once you're doing things in a functional way you've already captured most of the technique's purpose. For me, whether you continue to use a declarative iterator or a for loop inside your abstraction is less important.

Here's an admittedly naive example of the price discounting that I think very clearly shows the difference between a for loop and an Array.forEach.

let prices = [5, 25, 8, 18];
let discount = 1 - 0.2;

// more imperative
for (let i = 0; i < prices.length; i++) {
    console.log(prices[i] * discount)

// more declarative
prices.forEach((price) => {
  console.log(price * discount);

Just reading these aloud to yourself shows the difference in clarity:

"For when i equals zero and i is less than the length of prices while incrementing i, console log prices at position i times discount."


"Prices: for each price, console log price times discount".

When moving from an imperative to declarative style, the code turns from near gibberish to an honestly comprehensible English sentence. I think that's a win for the whole team at every skill level, and the value this style is attempting to capture.