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Discussion on: Ruby vs Elixir: a brief comparison

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Alastair Measures • Edited on

Thank you for this - a good read.

Am in transition from Ruby on Rails to Elixir on Phoenix: which is a bit of a learning curve (just getting from Ruby to Elixir). The Elixir capacity to spread across CPU cores and process in parallel, at speed is to my mind a game changer.

There are a number of MVC frameworks in circulation at present and each is made up of a myriad of code modules; both internally and available for inclusion. Which MVC frameworks survive and which ones wither; will I suspect be based around a form of popularity. As an MVC framework ecosystem fades, more of the code modules are not kept up to date and this can escalate until a tipping point is crossed.

At this point I am observing modules falling by the wayside for both Rails and Phoenix and so not sure how their respective futures will unfold. Subjective impressions, even mine, don't give an objective impression of where things are going!

For intranet, rich data applications I see Rails continuing to be a great option. For scalable sites with potentially high throughput, I see Phoenix as the best option currently.