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Save hundreds of dollars on courses as a university student

Albert Hadacek
React / Node developer and Software Engineering student
・2 min read

If you are studying at a university, you might have access to many resources for free that others have to pay for. It is a great opportunity to gain some edge, learn tools that are highly in demand while not spending any money.

The greatest package, you can access as a student is the Github Student Developer Package. If you have an academic email address Github recognizes, access is granted immediately. Besides great deals on learning platforms, you also get a bunch of other great deals. So, check that out!

It does not even matter if you are enrolled in a Computer Science program, any student can take advantage of it.

Frontend Masters

The best deal in the GitHub student package is definitely 6 months of free access to Frontend Masters. It is worth between 200-250 USD and the content there is just awesome. If you wanna step up your web development skills, this is the platform you should use.

Data Camp

If you are more interested in the world of data, you can get 3 months access to Data Camp. There you can learn Python, SQL, or R and really get a good grasp of advanced concepts. This content is worth 75 USD

Another great platform with several famous courses that might help you land a dream job. Their System Design course is highly popular and you can get 3 months for free worth over 100 USD


This is university-specific, but my university offers full access to the O'Reilly online platform which contains thousands of books and video courses, including some courses from Udemy. Again, it is a great place to learn and it saves you 499 USD a year.

Your Online University Library

Also, check your online university library, you might get great books and articles from there for free. These days, programming books cost between 30 - 50 USD and this is a legal way to get them for free.

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