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re: Are you sure you hate exercising? Often when somebody says they hate something they have bad memories, most likely due to poorly behaving people ar...

Nah, I hate it, I have asthma so I get tired quickly when doing any sort of physical exercise. And I'm a really picky eater(hate fruits and vegetables because of their smell, colour and texture) so it's really hard for me to be healthy(although I'm since my head doctor told me I was healthy).

I'm also really lazy so I usually refuse to do things that would take away some of my free time.

If I work 6-8 hours as a web developer I don't want to expend one or two hours running or doing exercise.

All I want to do on my free time is playing games, guitars and watching anime, since I work to be able to buy games, guitars, amplifiers and play anime.

I don't care about those things. At all. You're a mediocre programmer and stay that way. That's what you say.

You can't call someone else a mediocre programmer because of something non-related to programming.

I'm not calling it. That's what you're making yourself appear. You repeat your mantra of being lazy, uninterested in improving, and only being interested in very limited things. What else could I think of you as a programmer, too? Lazy, uninterested, unwilling of change or improvement, always keeping the same straight face "this is me" and not considering anything else.

In the end it is you who make yourself what you are. You gave me all the reasons to think of you as a mediocre programmer.

I gave you no reason since I didn't tell you which technologies I work with when I'm programming. What's wrong with being uninterested in improving things that don't affect the way I program?

There are many things in web-dev related programming I want to learn, and many things I want to avoid, most programmers are the same, they are interested towards a specific area and that doesn't makes them "MeDiOcRe PrOgRaMmErS" like you said.

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