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LGBTQ+ Flags Coded in CSS

What 'bout this one? As I know, they identify themselves as a...

Bootstrapping with Ruby on Rails Generators and Templates

hey, there's one more rails template repo, I hope you'll like...

Internationalize your Rails app with Ruby I18n gem will be useful too

Make your Rails application SEO friendly by setting meta tags

friendly_id and sitemap_generator gems

Slim down models and controllers using Rails Service Objects I think it may be usefu...

Top 10 Rails Commands We Must Know

rails app:update would be good addition to your collection :)

9 ways to be kinder to trans people

yep, agree with you! because dev is about development, but no...

Rails quick tips #5: Create apps from templates

hey @citizen428 ! thanks a lot for the interactivity hack, i...

Best Git GUI Clients For Developers👨‍💻 - check this, very useful and handy

Renaming your master branch to main in Github👩‍💻

You better try git-flow principles :)

Renaming your master branch to main in Github👩‍💻

Thanks a lot fot your article! Now I changed main back to mas...

Welcome Thread - v79

Hey! I'm Alexey. I'm CEO of product development house Progres...

My Favorite CLI Tools

Several additions: hivemind thefuck xxh youtube-dl And ju...