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Discussion on: 10 reasons why you should use Typescript

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

But why would I need to learn it anyway? Is TS native to the browser?

This is a flawed argument. TS gets transpiled to something that is native to the browser. So do lots of other languages, now that web assembly exists.

Depending on how reductionist a view you adopt, nothing is native to computers, and we should all be coding in assembly—nay, zeros and ones—to be as close to the hardware as possible. That way, the code we write can be directly executed on any target platform.

It sounds like you didn't really read my response. High-level abstractions will always exist. That's how programming works—just because a language needs to be compiled down to another language doesn't make it bad.

The amount of crappy code was amazing not to mention the bloat

Honestly, it sounds like you had a bad experience with TypeScript and are now generalizing this experience to TS and TS developers.