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Discussion on: TypeScript is slow. What can we do about it?

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Aleksei Berezkin Author • Edited on

Thanks for an insightful comment. That's true that not only file size matters; I've noticed that the number of imports matters. This is similar to what you write about the overall tree size.

I agree that optimizations I speculate may not be the focus of the TS team; that's why I wrote it's a sci-fi 🙂 However, V8 optimizations are also not a silver bullet; V8 is already heavily optimized.

About TS optimizations — yes, agreed. There are some issues in the TS repo like “let's memoize something”, and the code I saw looks like there is not that much cached. But, you know it, caching is hard: keeping editor and TS Server in sync is very hard problem.

Anyway, looking forward for news, I believe something interesting happens soon!