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Discussion on: A Candid Look at My First Day as a Developer

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Aleksi Kauppila

Interesting story, thanks!

There's no shortcuts here. It's just about putting in the hours and learning while working. If you're working for a good company that allows you to patiently grow good things will come out in time.

I focused on frameworks and tools when i wasn't working yet as a developer. My supervisors however quickly steered me to a direction of just becoming a better programmer in general. That brought in kind of sense of calm for me because i know these skills allow me to learn new languages, tools etc more easily.

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Patrick O'Dacre Author

That is excellent advice.

I did the same and focused on the fundamentals.

Consequently, I was able to quickly get up to speed with the Angular / Laravel stack we used.

Having a firm foundation definitely made the work less stressful.

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Azeem Abbas

You're so lucky to have supervisors who alongside handling the clients and managing the company take the time out to guide their employees. Sadly we don't have such environment here in India.