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I've done a decent amount with React and so am pretty familiar with components -- and they, and the other JS tools I've used similarly including "normal" browser-based script modules -- are just never what I want. Last year I did a ton with PHP and also JSP in school and side projects, and then work was very React-heavy; this current project, however, is Phoenix-based, which means I am back in the land of imports and includes and ... man, the JS-based stuff just doesn't hold a candle to it. I've rigged up some neat stuff combining React and traditionally-done server-side stuff like Phoenix etc and done some neat stuff with both (and, IMHO, they're a fabulous compliment to each other, as so much of the maddening "I just want a goddamn link to another page, this shouldn't be a huge issue" that is part of the single-page-app-ness is gone)

I totally get why you wanted to see what you could rig up yourself. I really prefer that style as well.

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