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I know what you feel, bro. The same in my company, and worse: my team has members don't have a software development background, and the stakeholders, don't know well how to use software (there're tales about some users didn't know how to use a mouse).

Although, I try everyday to convince to use Trello for the team but only we the developers, use it. The other members use drafts papers to annotate everything.

The "QA" team use word for recording the test results haha..

How I deal with that? Before coding, I try to imagine all the exceptions for malintentioned user behaving and then when I do coding in a way to reduce the failed tests and also do integration tests manually (that belongs to QA): I do more work that I should.

If my english is not very bad, you can notice that I have not solved that, just do my best effort and learning from that every day. I propose every month new point of view, frameworks, posts, etc. but the real solution is to leave the company.

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