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Discussion on: How to securely store JWT tokens.

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We use IdentityServer4 in our .NET solution, which also includes Web API and Angular front-end app. There are tons of middleware settings (it's actually an ABP framework-based solution). At the very end, all authentication tokens are stored in Local Storage (I have not found where exactly it's set up, BTW). Anyway, it has worked somehow in our DEV environment. But suddenly the need to use from Angular app popped up. And it causes a lot of headache: now, to identify user in server page, called from, we need to use cookies (URL is not considered of course). Does it mean we have to switch fully from Local Storage to Cookies Storage? How to set it up? My idea was to copy access_token when it is created (in Local Storage) to Cookies and delete when a user logs off and probably under bunch of different conditions, like browser window is closed, etc. (which ones exactly?) Where to find all related info?