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Simple project management for startups

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Portabella is a privacy first, end-to-end encrypted project management platform. In this post we'll explore why it's the perfect solution for startups who move fast and ship products.

Project management during the startup stage of a business is absolutely critical, but for different reasons than at the latter stages of the business lifecycle.

Later stage companies are often planning months, quarters and even years into the future, where for startups possibly even the next six months isn't certain.

At Portabella we understand this issue very well, we come from a long line of startups where we faced the exact issues we're trying to solve and of course we're still a startup ourselves. Every feature or improvement added to Portabella is weighed heavily with the existing feature set to ensure it stays lean and mean.


Application speed is an easy thing to throw out there and say we care about it, but at Portabella we really do. We believe people are super productive if you let them do what they want. At a startup that's more true than anywhere else, think about all the great things that have been done with teams of ten or less.

Sitting around assigning out work, labelling items and roadmapping the future of a business is often a fun activity at the start but can get tedious quick. Especially when you're sitting through long page load times that make you want to tear your hair out. We aim to keep page loads quick with extensive testing and ensure a delightful experience.

For those on the other end of the spectrum (those getting assigned work items), speed of your tools is important as otherwise you won't use them. We've all had to use something slow (cough Jira cough) where we'd rather take notes and update our progress in another program before pasting updates into it.


Hand in hand with speed is simplicity. It's easier to make a simple product fast than a large and bloated disaster.

So when thinking about startups we envision many things but front end center are:

  • getting products out the door
  • iterating on said products.

That's what we're trying to enable with Portabella as much as possible, nothing more. We could have gone the full Salesforce route with custom fields at every level, but 99% of users don't need that functionality. By staying lean we can provide a better experience for the features we do offer.

User first

A custom and specially tailored feature we offer for startups is the Portabella Feedback widget. There are many integrations built on top of Portabella that aren't tied into the main product, but here we thought it was necessary.

That's part of the benefit of being tailored for small to medium sized teams, we can optimise for the right things.

Portabella Feedback enables you to embed a feedback widget in your website that will forward user feedback right to the board of your choice. Having your user feedback prioritized alongside your work items allows for a more end user focused development flow, something almost every startup should be aiming for.

Stealth mode

The last point we'll mention directed at startups is the benefits of rolling in stealth mode. If you and your co-founders are trying to operate out of site while still wanting all the benefits of collaboration, Portabella has your back.

With Portabella you know that even if we're hacked, your top secret documents and progress won't be leaked. That's a pretty killer feature to have.

Because everything is encrypted in your browser, an attacker would have to get access to your physical device to have a chance at reading what you're working on.

Give Portabella a go today!

Hopefully those points above were enough to convince you that Portabella is the project management solution for your team. If so, take a look our pricing page and sign up for a 7 day free trial.

If not, feel free to email to talk to a real human and we'll help to iron out any concerns you have.

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