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Why I'm working on Help Jar, a platform for charitable giving

Help Jar is my latest idea for a micro SaaS that really does something good for the world. I'm incredibly excited to be working on it and seeing the buzz around it being generated, others are too.

What is Help Jar?

Help Jar is a platform for automated, charitable giving. Companies choose causes they care about (anything from climate change prevention to helping abolish child slavery) and pledge a percentage of their monthly revenue (0.1 to 5%) to organisations fighting for these causes. Help Jar handles the actual donations and provides an audit trail, dashboards of a company's contributions and verifiable badges to display on checkout.

How does it work?

Help Jar integrates with Stripe (and soon other popular payment processors) to handle everything for you. We track every payment that gets made to your business and save the amount to give for later.

Every month we take all the payments older than thirty days (to avoid chargebacks) and make a bulk transfer to all the charities and insitutions you've specified.

Any dashboards and analytics of a companies contributions are updated as soon as a payment is made to a company.

Why are you working on it?

Help Jar has been heavily inspired by Stripe Climate, a platform that gives a percentage of your revenue emerging carbon removal technologies. I like Stripe Climate, if you're already using Stripe it's a great, hassle free way to give back to our planet. With that said, fighting climate change isn't our only challenge as a community and people. Helping the most vulnerable and exploited, saving species from extinction and fighting for basic human rights are all important causes we need to engage in.

With a little charity and a lot of heart, we can make a difference.

Is it already live?

Help Jar is already live! You can check it out at and sign up today. Initially we're only partnering with a select few charities (Oxfam International, World Wildlife Fund and Doctors Without Borders, to name a few), but many more are in the works.

Stay tuned!

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