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Discussion on: Hacking the ASP.NET Core React SPA template for Vue.js

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Alexey Zimarev Author

Thanks for the feedback Paul :)

I was doing this when I was writing my first UI code for the book, so you can see the article as a side-effect of being involved in writing about DDD :)

I have no clear preference when it comes to choosing where the UI part of the application should live. I think in many cases it makes sense to have the whole app combined together. Speaking from DDD perspective, I'd rather have small apps that encapsulate the whole bounded context and combine such apps if necessary using UI composition in some kind of umbrella app.

The idea of my solution was to use Kestrel to host everything and when I build an app to a container, I just run the container and it all works.

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paul van bladel

Hi Alexey.
I think we share the same spirit about UI: make it possible in the most simple and best maintainable way.
My best bet is currently blazor. Having one code paradigm, being able to use the full refactoring features of a real typed language (typescript still "evaporates", as it is called), etc ... can be a huge benefit.