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Discussion on: It seems like Rust software is bad

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Alex Row • Edited

This really feels more like a rant imo.
There are bad software engineers.
There are bad software architecture desicions.
And surely 2 examples(havent heard about both of them anyway) are not even start to be close enough to reach such a conclusion.
And even so matrix client with GTK is sooo much depends on the decisions made doings it, which is a tricky part of all chat apps.

So not Rust alone can be the point of failure.
That being not nesessarily can't be!shrug

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Ryan Westlund Author

I think you read more into my post than was intended. I am not trying to "reach a conclusion", and I stated that I still love Rust. I'm not claiming that this proves Rust is a bad language. I'm just expressing my disappointment.

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Alex Row

Well its fantastic you wish to stick with Rust a bit longer then :P