My programming journey: Should you leave your current job to pursue your goals?

Alex Gwartney on May 20, 2018

So first I wanted to say sorry for the late post. I had other things come up this week. With that said let’s get started. So, something I have be... [Read Full]
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Hey Alex. You’re a young guy. You have plenty of time. If I didn’t have recurring income I wouldn’t be able to live let alone pursue my career switch. Not everyone is in a financial position to quit.

You’ll be okay.


Hey Alex, I am in the boat where I work 8+ hours a day, have an active social life, in a super fun cover band, and going through a self-paced bootcamp (Flatiron School) and I always make sure I spend at least 1 hour a day coding during the week, and at least 2 hours in the weekend mornings. It's tough. Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job and focus on coding, but there is something to be said about those who are dedicated enough to find a way to teach themselves how to code and be able to balance their life without going crazy or hungry.

I am right there with you. Keep it up!


Not to long ago I was working construction and decided that I wanted to switch careers and become a software developer. I didn't quit my job until I had something else lined up. Definitely hard to learn to code while working full time in something else. But it was definitely worth it.

I did it all in less than a year. Once I truly made up my mind, I did a summer course (CS50) and started doing small projects on my own to build up my portfolio. A recruiter called me up after I updated my resume and gave me an opportunity as a contractor. That got my foot in the door with a reputable software company. I'm no longer a contractor and working full time for the same company.

You just need to put yourself out there and not be afraid of interviews. I failed several interviews before getting hired. I felt like they took a chance on me but I really impressed them once I started.

When you go from coding part time on your own to coding full time in a place surrounded by awesome coders, you learn a ton really fast. I loved it and still do. Best career decision ever.


Just over a year ago, I was in my junior year of college and was an assistant manager at a pretty large local electronic repair shop. Pay was okay but got almost 40 hours a week. I ended up switching to an internship where I was limited to a very low amount of hours per week and an okay pay. I will say that first thing I did was figured out the things that I was okay with sacrificing and not having anymore (Eating out vs cooking, Walking more to places than driver (lived in downtown was better that way anyways), and finally for extra money I would free lance, not only did that earn some extra cash but also gave me a way to build my portfolio. It was for sure a tough situation to be in but a year of sacrificing led me into a job that I really enjoy. I think with some planning you can do it.


Start your own company they said... it will be fun they said...

What they forgot to tell you is that you will have to work for 12hrs/day.. even some weekends.


At multiple places in the article you have written "defiantly" where it should be "definitely". Please correct this mistake.


Oops sorry about the mistake will correct it when I get the chance.

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