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I think the problem is actually that everyone is so extreme on everything. Why does it have to go from huge bloated javascript to "javascript-free". Why does everything that people do these days have to be so extreme to one end or the other. Why can't it just be "Oh hey here's how you make your site faster and not terrible for people on terrible internet speeds" - i dunno, I get tired of the hype train, but also by the extremist anti-hype train just the same


"How I increased performance by 3%" doesn't get clicks. Everything on the hype train is so extreme that if one were to say "I did stuff in an old boring way" no one would pay attention. Any sort of reaction opposite to the direction of the hype train needs a level of force roughly equal to the hype train to be noticed.

The actual content of the article only extremist in the sense of wanting to provide an *extreme*ly good user experience. The conclusion at the end is clearly about critically evaluating the right tool for the job, not presenting the one and only correct way of doing things.


How bout...
"How to Convert your React sh💩show site into a performant user experience"
"How I increased performance by 99%"
(changed request size from 13mb to 6kb?)

Just saying - maybe i have an anti-js trigger, esp when the anti-SPA reason is "What if they dont have javascript turned on" - usually said by someone who has never tried to browse the web with js turned off.

All that said, - your actual effort and end result is respectable and very cool. Nothing I disagree with on execution, just ya know ... click baitiness :)
well done

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