Asking for help with Puppeteer

alexparra profile image Alex Parra ・1 min read

Hey DEV friends!

To any of you who has experience with Puppeteer please see if you can point me in the right direction...

await puppeteer.launch()

is suddenly failing silently.
No error is thrown. Node process just exists. Puppeteer v2.0.0.

Worked a couple of runs before this.
I’ve tried removing and reinstalling.
I’ve installed v1.20.0 too. Same result.

Any ideas?


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Hi Jason and Bruno!
Thanks for your availability.

In setting up a small repo I could share with you I made a very stripped down version of the code.

So figured the issue was I had a process.exit(0) call at the end of server.js which caused puppeteer to terminate.
Didn’t expect that to be the issue since the scrape Promise always started...
But it makes sense now.
So in the end this is due to me only recently having started playing with node.
Again, thanks for your availability.


Hi, can you provide the whole code, and environment details (node version, os, etc) so that we can get the context of your problem.