5 Tips to Help You Maintain an Umbraco Website

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5 Tips to Help You Maintain an Umbraco Website

While it doesn’t always get the same attention and exposure as other CMS platforms on the web, Umbraco continues to be one of the more popular options. It’s the leading open source ASP.NET CMS and can be effortlessly adapted to suit a variety of needs. But once you get your site up and running, it’s important to maintain it.

The Why Behind Using Umbraco

The fact that you’re using Umbraco as your CMS platform is a good sign. While it’s nowhere near as popular as the top CMS platforms on the market, it’s gaining some popularity as individuals, businesses, and developers begin understanding all of the benefits that come with using it. This includes pros like:

  • Free/open source. Umbraco is 100 percent free - no purchase price or ongoing license fee. Anyone can download it and begin developing a site. And because the platform is open source, you’re able to pop the hood and look at what’s inside the engine at any time. This makes it possible to become intimately familiar with the inner workings of Umbraco.

  • Frequent updates. Unlike some other open source CMS platforms, Umbraco is regularly maintained. The development team is constantly listening to the community, tracking bugs, and releasing updates. In fact, they aim to roll out one new update at least once every two weeks.

  • Fully customizable. The beauty of Umbraco is that it’s fully customizable and easy to edit. Whether it’s adding or removing features, managing content, or making tweaks to the design, customizing your website is easy with Umbraco.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Umbraco Site Current

Umbraco has a lot going for it. But to enjoy the full effects of the benefits listed above, you have to commit to maintaining your website. Here are some helpful tips for doing so:

1. Keep Packages Up to Date

Both Umbraco and the Umbraco community offer a variety of packages to help improve website functionality and efficiency. This includes packages in categories such as SEO, security, eCommerce, CRM, etc. Installing packages is a great way to enhance your site, but make sure you’re committed. Packages must be regularly tested and checked to ensure they’re compatible with the latest version of Umbraco. Otherwise, you may discover problems with functionality and/or security.

2. Conduct Regular SEO Audits

Assuming one of your goals is to have your website rank in search engines like Google, you’ll need to invest in SEO. And one way you do this is by conducting regular SEO audits.

A good SEO audit basically serves as an analysis of your website, rankings, page errors, and site performance. Look for issues with tags, schema, page titles, broken links, broken images, 404 error pages, etc.

3. Work With a Certified Umbraco Gold Partner

You probably don’t have all of the internal resources you need to monitor and optimize your Umbraco website, and that’s fine. But you still need to find a way to maintain it.

While there are thousands of developers who will claim they can help you manage your site, you really want to work with an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner in the United States. The process of obtaining the Certified Gold Partner designation is rigorous. (There are only nine of them in all of North America.) So you know that you’re getting the most qualified service when you work with one.

4. Check Forms

When conducting any sort of audit or analysis of your website, always check forms to ensure they’re working properly. Forms are notorious for breaking and can lead to a host of issues, including improper data collection, misleading information for website visitors, and suppressed user experience. Regularly test these forms to ensure they’re working.

5. Analyze and Optimize Website Speed

Website speed is very important. Research shows that 53 percent of visitors will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. In fact, just a two-second delay in load time can lead to abandonment rates of up to 87 percent.

To keep your website’s user experience and conversion rates high, aim to have your website load in just one to two seconds.

Keep Your Site Current

Maintaining a website is something that requires time, energy, effort, and meticulous attention detail. But if you’re willing to embrace the responsibility, there are plenty of positives waiting for you on the other side. From superior brand visibility and optimum user experience to cost savings and the potential for increased revenue, there’s plenty to gain. It’s up to you to take action.


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