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How I forward my domain handled with cloudflare to DEV.TO

Back to the day, i have my own personal site includes blog system built with jekyll. I host it with github pages and it's really awesome to use it. If i need to post, i just go to my code editor and type it in markdown format and commit and push it and it will automatically live (wow... some green github contribution).

After a few years, I decide to revamp it using VuePress (VueJs based static site generator) and host it in netlify with its CI/CD with github. I really love develop it. But then, i realize that i make more development in UI rather than posting some article.

Then I decide to use DEV.TO to post my article. So now I need to point my domain to my DEV.TO pages. I planned to setup my pages as my subpath and keep my personal site alive. Here I want to share how I setup it.

So, in this case i've my domain setup pointing to Netlify.

DNS Settings

Navigate to Page Rules page. Then create a new page rule.

Insert url you want to set. On the setting, you can pick Forwarding URL, set your forwarding status, and your destination url. In destination url, i fill with my DEV.TO pages.

My settings

And it will take a moment to live. After that my blog path is redirected to my DEV.TO pages and root domain still point to my site.

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