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Learning Vuejs

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  • I want to use these github actions during my journey in learning vuejs framework.

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Hi sir. I am trying to built a multistep form wizard in vue.js using Django where I have two flows one is personal user and other one is business user. So in personal user I have to prompt a form based on category selection. Like when we enter a category in html input field based on that category I have to show next form. Suppose if I enter a "IT" in category field then based on IT i have prompt next form related with IT fields.
So here first flow I have completed like displaying the form based on category selection. And the main problem is with business user here while we enter a category "IT" in business flow so at that time by default we are having next form with two radio buttons one is personal user radio button and other is business user so if we click on business user radio button then user are able to update his account from personal to business using registration form.
But while we click on personal radio button then I need to follow the same process of entering category and showing the next form based on this category enter by user but i was unable to achieve this. So here i have stuck and need help

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