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It's horrible that the politics have came here, to IT. Who's next victim of SJW and "political correctness" going to be? Is it Blacklists? man pages? Servers? How did we even come to this?..


This is a highly disingenuous comment Bohdan.


Too aggressive on his part and the original issue is beyond politics, I agree.

But there is a point in there. Git certainly isn't the only thing using the master/slave terminology. There's a lot of refactoring (perhaps total rebuilding) to be done worldwide if we want to be consistent about this.

Btw, for transparency purposes stackoverflow clearly shows the number of downvotes on answers that were non-constructive. As far as I can tell the invisible hand of the "community" faded away that comment, although that comment has above average hearts.

While it may be poorly worded, the fact that is has nearly double the amount of hearts would suggest that it is a shared sentiment.

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