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Did you get assigned a task you have no idea how to do? 🥺

➡️ First, don't be shy and ask for help!

You are not less smart because of that, they hired you for a reason and you are in the right place. Knowing when to ask for help is a skill, ofc you should learn how to teach yourself things and we all know that mastering googling is a must-have Developer's skill, but don't stay stuck on something for days, just because you cannot ask for help.

➡️ Ask to pair with someone!

I'm a fan of pair programming, and this is certainly a perfect moment to try it out!

➡️ Be honest with your team!

Working on a good team you should feel in a safe space to share how things are going, if you hide that you are stuck and say things are progressing, this is neither fair with you and your learning journey (that's probably why you are there doing an internship) nor with the team.

I hope it helps you 🥰 share in the comments what you did when this happened with you to help others.

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Being honest is great.. What if I can risk my position by asking?
Google is the perfect place for that and today we have everything there.