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I can't stand another meeting!

Looking at ourselves, for more than 2 years now 😟 almost everyday, for some people even almost the whole day πŸ₯΄ on a screen is not easy and can be incredible fatiguing!

Zoom (or any other meetings software) became basically our only way to communicate with people at work, and was (maybe soon this will change πŸ‘€) one of the single alternatives that would be more similar to an in person experience. As by chat/mail most times it's hard to communicate our message without being misinterpreted or always with this more "seriousness" load, that at least for me, an email brings.

Therefore this phenomenon appeared, called Zoom fatigue, and it's related to tiredness, or even burnout associated with overuse of this type of virtual platforms. Have you ever felt that? 😞

I did, in a very light way, and what I can share with you from my researches, to maybe suggest in your companies or try out with your teams, in case you are also feeling it are these few tips πŸ‘‡

  • Try to keep meetings brief.

You can even start small, by just reducing 5 min from those regular calls you have;

  • Avoid back to back calls.

Having the smallest break in between calls to stretch your legs, grab a water, go to the toilet or maybe just look at the window (giving your eyes a break) can make a huge difference;

  • Having a meetings day

In a meetings day you try to book all your meetings in one day and leaving the others free to do some active work.

  • Having "focus time" blockers

This way people cannot schedule meetings during the times you feel more productive in your day.

Another thing is to keep meetings inside working hours, you and your team can define that meetings can only happen from 10am-3pm for example, to avoid that it runs longer than your usual working hours;

Last but not least I would like to mention that we are learning how to work in this new setup, and new tools are appearing to support us.

I learned recently about this tool called Bubbles. I got interested after watching a video about it, not necessarily the tool itself (because I could not find much about it, including security aspects), but the whole idea of still having a more in-person touch on things, with videos and audios, without having to have meetings all-the-time.

I hope these help you and share with us if you have others πŸ’–

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